Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School Society


Our Purpose:

  • To develop, promote and support programs, services, events and opportunities that empower the neighbourhood and satisfy community needs by providing life-long learning opportunities for everyone
  • To utilize the total resources of the community to enhance the development of basic learning opportunities
  • To encourage community participation and involvement
  • To effectively utilize Central school facilities by and for people of all ages
  • To develop a strong working relationship with public and private agencies
  • To develop the school as a resource for the whole community
  • To implement programs that meet the needs of the community
  • To enhance the learning environment of Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School for students, parents, and staff

Board of Directors:

President - Donna Simon

Vice President - Brian Muth

Treasurer - Clara Hooper

Secretary - Patricia Hryhorczuk

SD #33 Rep - Leslie Waddington/Donna Arnold (non - voting)

Interim Program Coordinator - Alexis Stollings (non-voting)

Program Coordinator:

Alexis Stollings is our Gateway For Families/Community School Interim Coordinator. Her work includes overseeing the day-to-day operations of programs and activities governed by the CCECSS.  The program coordinator recruits, promotes, and provides year around site supervision for contracted programs/user groups.  Her focus is on developing a working relationship with public and private agencies to recruit and coordinate services that empower the Central community children and their families. Additionally, the coordinator oversees all aspects of 2nd Day and  Gateway for Families. The position is governed by the CCECSS, the coordinator works in consultation with the principal. The responsibilities of the coordinator are determined by the Society in consultation with the principal (or designate) and in accordance with the Joint Use Agreement between School District 33 and the City of Chilliwack.

The Coordinator’s major responsibilities include:

  • Program Development /Delivery/Facility Management
  • Staff and Volunteer Management
  • Community Liaison/Partnerships/Public Relations/Grantsmanship
  • Policy Development
  • Fundraising/Special Events Coordination
  • Budget Developing/Monitoring/Payroll
  • Second Day Development/Delivery/Management

For more information, you can contact our Community School Society, at (604) 792-8539, (604) 860-9125 (call or text), or email: 

Community supporters and funders:


City of Chilliwack

Ministry of Children and Family Development

Province of British Columbia