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Spring 2019 PROGRAMS

Registration may be done in person, by email, or by phone at (604) 792-8539 or (604) 819-6687 (call or text) 

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday

Monday—Thursday 1pm-4pm

(Call for additional registration hours)

CCECSS accepts CASH or CHEQUE only. Programs may be canceled one week before start date if enrollment is low. Get your name on the list early to avoid disappointment! Printable registration form below.

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Preschool Aged Programs (3-5 Years)

Music & Movement             3-5 Years             

In this 6 week class we focus on balance and fundamental movements. We learn these and other basic gymnastics skills through games, songs, and stretches.

*Parents are required to stay.


Mondays, April 29-June 10

(No class May 20)

3:30 to 4:15pm                                $50      



Kinder Dance                         3-5 Years

Does your little one dance around the house when they hear music? Enroll your child in our  6 week, intro to ballet class. In this fun class, they will learn the basic of ballet through games and exercises.


Tues, April 30-Jun 4  

3:30-4:00pm    $45



Indoor Soccer                  4-5 years
Kids will enjoy this 8 week soccer program with a focus on fun, basic skills 
development, and sportsmanship.


Wednesdays, April 24th-June 12th

 4:30-5:15pm                                $45



School Aged Programs (6-15 Years)   

Karate                                      6+ years

This class is a 7 week program in the traditional art of Goju-Rju Karate is suitable for all  members of the family. Instructed by Sensei Stephen Jasper, 2nd dan black belt.


Fridays, April 26-June 21

(No Class May 3 or May 17)

4:00-5:00pm                                            $70



Springers (Level 1-2)        6-12 Years             

This 7 week class is for the beginner gymnast who is looking to learn the basics of handstands, rolls, and  cartwheels. 


Monday, April  29—Jun 17

(No class May 20)

4:30-5:30pm                            $60


Twisters (Level 3-4)          7-12 Years             

Gymnasts that have taken classes before or passed the previous level will enjoy the more challenging skills taught in this 7 week class. Your child will love this class if they have already mastered their cartwheel and are  looking to advance.


Mondays, Apr 29—Jun 17  

(No class May 20)   

5:45-6:45pm                       $60



Expressive Art           8-12 Years

Have fun and express your creativity in this 6 week program! Participants will experiment with a variety of new projects for example a stepping stone, mini wheel barrow, and decorating a planter to bring out their inner spring artist.

Create a masterpiece each week to take home! All supplies included.


Tuesdays, April 23—May 28

3:30-5:00pm                                    $65 



Home Alone Plus        

10+ years
An interactive, participatory 
program that is designed to teach children to make safe choices while at home alone plus basics in first aid. Bring a snack.

Saturday, May 11th

10:00am-2:00pm                                   $30



LEGO Robotics 2.0—Level 2        

7- 9 Years

Take your skills from Level 1 and challenge yourself with these new robotic builds in our 5 week class.

Discover how a floodgate controls the level of water in a river, build a helicopter that could help in weather-damaged areas, create a truck that will sort objects based on shape, and more! Every project covers science based themes which will challenge your brain to think not only like an engineer but like a scientist!


Mondays, Apr 29-Jun 3,             


(No Class May 20)                                    $85 



Red Cross Babysitter’s Course 

11-15 Years
Learn about your rights and 
responsibilities, how to care for a child, how to deal with emergency situations, and basic first aid. 

Wallet  completion card and workbook included.

Bring a lunch & pen.


Saturday, April 27th

9:00am-5:00pm                             $45



OFFERING Piano lessons-beginner through advanced, for

children and adults... 

Lessons start at $15/half hour. Limited spots available on

Thursdays. Call to reserve your spot!


Basketball                          8-12 years

Kids will enjoy this 6 week basketball program with a focus on fun, basic skills (such as: dribbling and shooting)  as well as sportsmanship and being part of a team!

Tues, April 23-May 28  

5-6:00pm                                   $45



Stage Stars Drama    8-12 years

Students will learn the joy of basic acting through a fun and dramatic 5 week class including stage performance, role playing, dress up, behind the scenes and more.


Tues, April 30-May 28   

5-6:30pm                                  $50


Soccer                        6-8 years

Kids will enjoy this 8 week soccer program with a focus on fun, basic skills development, and sportsmanship.


Wednesdays, April 24th—June 12th

5:30-6:30pm                                $55



Dynamic Dance                   6-8 Years

Build your dance skills with this 6 week program! Class participants will learn games, combos, and across the floor  techniques for the basics of ballet and jazz. This class will teach your child jumps, turns, and proper ballet posture.


Tues, April 30—Jun 4        

4-4:45pm                                   $50



Dance Expressions          9-12 Years

This  6 week class builds on the basics of dance and teaches both jazz and lyrical. Stretches, warm up, across the floor jumps and turns, as well as combos will be taught in this class. 


Wed’s,  May 1-Jun 5   

5-6pm                                      $55


Adult Aged Programs

Yoga for Beginners          18+ years         

In this 6 week session improve strength, flexibility, reduce stress, and find inner calm in a beginner welcome class. Please bring your own mat or blanket.


Wednesdays  May 1– Jun 5   

7:00-8:00pm                                  $65


Drop-In Programs

Central Tween Club  

Grades  3-5

Looking for something fun to do on Thursday evening? Check out the fun and differently themed  activities we do each week that include ….sports in the gym, movies, crafts, games, and much more.


Starts April 4th

Thursdays   5:30-7:30pm   

$2 -Drop In





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