One School One Book

Central Elementary is embarking on a special project. It's an all school book club called "One School, One Book." On November 4, every family will receive a complimentary copy of the same book - "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White.

With the "One School, One Book" program, we aim to foster a community of readers at our school. Everyone - students, parents, teachers, even administrative staff - will be participating and we can all reap the benefits.

For the month of November, you will be asked to read a chapter each night together (approximately 15 minutes). A copy of the chapter reading schedule for the month is shown here and was sent home with your book. Alternatively, we invite you to listen to the recorded chapters (read by Central teachers and staff) from this page. Each morning, students will be invited to answer daily trivia questions to encourage attentive listening while your family is reading together. You will soon find that your child takes pride in knowing and anticipating the details of the story. Throughout the month, everyone will be participating in fun activities and talking about Wilbur and Charlotte and their fun-filled adventures!

"One School, One Book" is a novel program that includes children at all grade levels listening and/or reading the same book. Strange or daring as that may seem, it actually makes sound educational sense. Reading professionals recommend reading material out loud that is beyond a child's own reading level and we also believe it is wonderful to read chapter books with your older children, even when they are able to read by themselves. We have selected a title that can be followed and enjoyed by younger students, but that will still captivate and stimulate older children.

Good Luck! We hope everyone will be talking about Fern, Charlotte and all of the animals, When a whole school reads a book there's a lot to talk about. With your help we can continue to foster a Community of Readers at Central Elementary.


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